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General Questions

  • How do I get started?

    Call us on 0114 323 1000 and we'll talk through the service we can offer you going forward, and what whether you'd like Tours for your existing stock.

    We'll have you setup on the same day over the phone - you could be receiving terrific, instruction winning Tours the very next day.

  • How do I add these Tours to all the Portals and Social media sites?

    Simply copy the Tour link from the email we sent you and add it to the "Virtual Tour" field in your Estate Agency software. The Tour will then be sent to the portals along with your data feed.


    To add the Tour to Facebook or Twitter (a huge number of Plays can be generated by doing this), simply click the Facebook and Twitter links we provide in our email to you, or click the links provided at the very end of each Tour.

  • How can we get our Property Tours onto OUR website?

    If your website is directly populated from your estate Agency software, adding our link to the Virtual Tour field of your software will feed the Tour to your website. Alternatively if your website is manually populated, take our link and add it manually into the interface you use to populate your website.

  • When you say "No effort for the Agent", what do you mean?

    The agent doesn't need to place any orders and we don't require any data feeds of any type. All the Agent needs to do is add the link we provide to their property software and instantly Property Tours are working hard to attract more instructions and home-hunter interest.


    Tour Gallery is immediately available fully branded, to use in clients' homes, and the TV Channel is completely self-maintaining once it's in your website.


    Personalising Tours with your voice and video using our Personalise App requires some involvement from the Agent, but is so easy to use and at zero cost with fantastic, unique results, we think it's easily worth that touch of effort.

  • "Your prices are so low!" There must be a catch. Do I have to sign a contract?

    There is no contract. Really. We don’t like contracts and we don’t think you do either.


    You simply pay the price as shown on our prices page for your Property Tours.


    And you only pay the price once, so if you use our Personalise App to add voice or videos to your Property Tour, there's no charge for re-publishing it as many times as you like.


    You can leave at any time with just 30 days notice, and you can start again whenever you like. There are no “re-joining fees”.

  • Really? Ok, so if we decide to give it a go, how do I pay?

    Using Direct Debit – the simplest, least hassle way.


    At the end of each month we’ll send you an itemised VAT invoice listing all the Property Tours we created for you in that month, including a link to each one.


    At the start of the following month we’ll use Direct Debit to charge your bank account with a single debit for the total cost of the Tours for the previous month. The entry on your bank statement will show as “Property Tours”.


    Note – we will ONLY charge the cost of the Tours produced for you for the previous month. No extra charges will be included.

  • I like the idea of narrating my own Property Tours - how do I do this?

    Our Personalise App (found on our Downloads page) allows you to easily add, in a matter of a few minutes, your voice and / or your videos from your smart phone into our Tours. It's a great way of personalising your marketing, showcasing features that are not adequately presented through still photos and text, and giving a greater insight into the house and its location. New, personalised Tours created using this App are produced free of charge.

  • How quickly will my Property Tours be ready?

    Our aim is for ALL our Tours to be produced and emailed to you within 24 hours of their properties being listed on the internet. .

Personalise Questions

  • "Why would I want to add my voice to my Property Tour? It sounds terrible!"

    Rather than terrible, your voice, your accent, and those of your staff are a unique and powerful asset and differentiator. Particularly when your competition may not have been born and bred in your location (online agents). It adds trust to your dealings with vendors and home-hunters. It says you know your patch better than anyone else.

  • "I'm rubbish at technology. I'll never be able to do this"

    Don't put yourself down! If you can take a video of your nephew blowing out candles on his birthday cake, or your cat chasing a dog, then Personalise will be a doddle.  We have made our App ... and our whole service unbelievably easy.

Technical Questions

  • On the iPad / iPhone, I'm having problems logging to your Apps or saving data. Why's that?

    This problem can occur if all the storage space on the iPad has been used up by other apps, music, video or some other space consuming items.


    You can check the available storage space on your iPad through Settings / General / Usage.


    If available storage space is low we’d recommend freeing up some space by removing something from your iPad (e.g. a large game that you can download again later) and see whether that fixes the problem.



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