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When the housing market re-opened in England on 13th May, it came with a new responsibility ...


"Agents should strongly encourage clients to view properties virtually in the first instance and then only physically inspect properties which they have a strong interest in."


A small sacrifice for re-opening the market and keeping people safe, but it presented Agents with a new problem - what are Virtual Viewings and how to create them without breaking the bank or wasting time?




Our Virtual Viewings solution allows Agents to create professional quality videos for ANY of their sales & letting listings in just minutes. The service costs only £59 per branch per month (ex. vat) for an UNLIMITED number of videos.  These videos can convey all the property information to the home-hunter allowing them to decide whether their interest is strong enough to request a physical viewing.


Check out the examples at the top of the page and enter your details to take advantage of our 14-day FREE TRIAL.


Of course, reducing unnecessary journeys to properties isn't only a good for safety. It saves many wasted hours of Estate Agent time organising viewings for home-hunters who have no intention of making an offer. Plus reduces the burden on your vendors who no longer have to keep the house perpetually in “show house” condition.




No data feeds are required. Agents create the videos for any of their sales or lettings properties with as little as 3 TAPS using our simple Property Tours app (available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets & PCs). Videos are received by email within the hour.


Agents then add their video clips and narration to the video using our magical Virtual Viewings app (available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets).


The result is a rich fusion of animation, video and narration showcasing the full potential of the property, introducing the personality of the agent and fully briefing the home-hunter before making up their mind whether to view in person.


If you are an agent who already produces videos for Virtual Viewings through some other route, WE URGE YOU TO SIGN UP FOR THIS FREE TRIAL - we know you'll be impressed. Not only by our quality but the amount of time and money our Virtual Viewings can save you.


As you start your free trial, there lot's more we'd like to share with you such as the Social Media Slammer you'll receive with every Virtual Viewings video, our award winning Tour Gallery presenter app and how to use the high quality photos from your cameras in your videos. All available free of charge.

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