Social Media Slammers

Property video purpose-built for Social Media

We include a Social Media Slammer video with every Property Tour we produce,

providing eye-popping content, optimised for social, perfect for your property launch.

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    Our hand-crafted Tours capture the attention of page viewers, getting your listings the extra attention you want,  all the while showcasing your properties in seamless video. With prime positioning on the portals, our Tours are sure to impress.

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  • TV Channel

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  • Upgrade Tours to HD

    Upgrade the quality of your Property Tours to HD by swapping the web quality photos used to create the original video with large, high quality photos straight from your camera.

All the eyeballs have gone to social media, right? Your customers are there and they're looking for Agents who can prove they are using this medium creatively & imaginatively to sell properties. It's a BIG opportunity - perhaps the biggest.  How are you going to make the most of it?

Consider your behaviour when scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feeds. Are you stopping and looking at every post, or simply scanning until something catches your eye? Yep, same here. We don’t have time to read every post.


We’re looking for something out of the ordinary … something interesting, provocative, entertaining … something that begs us to engage with it. Something… #stopworthy.


Our Social Media Slammers are the ultimate #stopworthy property content. Purpose-built for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and designed to take back the attention from whatever else is happening on social and bring it back to you and your properties so you can have a meaningful conversation with your audience again.


Slammers are a whole new level of IMPACT - new, vibrant, energetic and fun. Grabbing attention from the 1st second, they have the impact required to give you the attention you need.  Square in shape, they dominate more space in the social feed and they come in 3 designs above - we'll send you through a variety or let us know the style you prefer and we'll stick with that one.


And always remember: Your customers see social as a huge opportunity to sell property. The more you prove you can do this, the more you’re going to win.

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